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Country: Ireland Location: Dublin
Job Category: Construction, Process, Pharma Life Science, Salary Range: €Hourly Rate: €50 to €55 per hour

Job Description

kppm have a fantastic opportunity for a Senior Procurement professional for a procurement lead role .

Due to continuous expansion in Ireland with our client an international engineering company who design and project manage large scale hi tech projects for international clients in the Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical, Semiconductor & Data Centre industries throughout the globe.

Suitable applicants will have the following Key Competencies:

IIPMM Qualification / CPSM / Business Degree or equivalent required plus a minimum of 5+ years experience in a Procurement role working in the Engineering and Construction industry on large scale hi tech projects.

A good overall knowledge including Understanding of major technical, organisational, managerial and business issues related to operations management.

Extensive knowledge of commercial procurement laws, practices, and standards as they relate to operations management and project delivery. Understands and is committed to an large organisations Core Values.

Project Delivery Knowledge: 

Strong understanding of project delivery processes (i.e., project management, construction management, CM/GC, design, design-build, design-bid-build) and their relationship to procurement.


Understands overall corporate resources and capabilities. Has working knowledge of division or regional operations, including their experience, staff and capabilities in region’s markets and operating areas of responsibility.

Strong communications skills:

Both written and verbal and proven ability  to effectively author contractual commitment documents, as well as internal and external communications, proposals and reports.  Proven ability to effectively communicate with clients and interact with operations, project, and construction management.

Strong IT skills including:

Outlook and Microsoft tool i.e.:  Excel, Word, PowerPoint etc)


Primary Function:

Manages the procurement process, including planning, development of bid lists, negotiation and order formation and issuance, claims resolution, administration and closeout in support of projects or other operating requirements.

Leads project supply management strategy development and implementation. Identifies and advises project and supply management of commercial risks inherent in quotations and purchase orders.

May participate in internal and external supply management presentations.

Work closely with Construction Management during field deliveries & related issues to such deliveries, including organising such activities as site commissioning.

Functional Competencies:

Technical Expertise must have very good knowledge of purchasing and expediting techniques and how they are applied. Actively seeks to further develop knowledge of engineering process, manufacturing process and product knowledge.

Commercial Awareness must have very good understanding of the commercial imperatives for purchase orders. Understands and evaluates threats to the commercial position of the company and client and develops plans to mitigate commercial risks. Has knowledge of terms and conditions of purchase to evaluate supplier exceptions and seek agreement.

Analytical Thinking  Use various sources of information to produce clear and concise project procurement plans.

Analyses and evaluates supplier commercial quotations and provides clear and concise quotation evaluation reports for approval. Analyses various sources of information (e.g. supplier monthly reports, production schedules, inspection/expediting reports etc) to identify trends, issues and risks to the project. Effectively communicates findings to management.

Reporting Skills

Responsible for updating the material management system with pre and post order information.

Ensure any critical issues and risks are reported to management.

Provide input to weekly and monthly procurement management reports.

Knowledge of Tools and Procedures.

Execute work in accordance with current corporate policies, procedures and work practices.

Effectively use and update materials management system.

Organisation and Industry Awareness.

Understands and supports Strategic and business objectives.

Actively seeks to further develop a network both within and outside of procurement department.

Works to establish and maintain supplier relationships.

Seeks to develop networks within customer organisations.

Has knowledge of the marketplace and delivery / price trends.



Carry out the duties of the Procurement Lead in a competent, reliable and predictable manner.

Direct others in procurement team regarding implementation and support of procurement procedures

Comply with, make known to supervised personnel and check their compliance with the following, as applicable.

  1. Procurement Procedures and Work Practices
  2. Project Procurement Execution Plan

iii.        Licensors’, Clients’, and Company Agreements

  1. Project Supplier Lists
  2. Quality requirements and obligations
  3. Health and Safety requirements and obligations

vii.       Ethics, policies and procedures


Input all progress data to Material Management System and ensure these are up to date

Develop contacts with Suppliers’ personnel.  Maintain the respect of Suppliers and their representatives by adherence to code of conduct and business ethics, corporate policies, procedures and work practices.

Maintain awareness of the materials supply situation including area sources, price levels and current deliveries.

Advise the Manager of Procurement of possible new sources of supply.

Contribute to current and projected price and delivery trends.

Carry out spare parts co-ordination activities in accordance with the Project Procurement Execution Plan.

When requested by Procurement Manager attend monthly cross project Procurement meetings.

Pre Order

Prepare and issue Procurement Plans and obtain necessary approvals.

Prepare and issue quotation requests, progress, check and evaluate quotations.

Prepare quotation summaries, and quotation summary variations and make recommendations.  Ensure recommended Supplier’s final price on quotation summaries is under budget and delivery is within required on site dates.

Submit quotation summaries after technical approval to authorised Procurement Personnel for approval.  Distribute as required by the Project Procurement Execution Plan.

Agree with engineering and supplier the requirements and submittal dates for the following:

  1. critical supplier data e.g. equipment weight
  2. supplier drawings e.g. GA drawing

iii.        other supplier documentation e.g. weld procedure

  1. details of the data, drawings and documentation to be submitted by the supplier must be recorded on quotation summary and purchase order

Arrange and attend pre-order meetings with Suppliers to confirm that all technical and commercial requirements will be met.  Issue notes of meetings in accordance with project distribution matrix.

Prepare and issue purchase orders as per the approved quotation summaries.

Post Order

Provide post order management that facilitates “on time” delivery of goods.

Check that supplier’s documentation index specified in the purchase order is received on schedule.  Expedite as required.

Obtain all required Supplier drawings, documents, data books, manuals etc at the required time and in the specified quantities.  Expedite as required.

Check that critical supplier data specified in the purchase order is received on schedule.  Expedite as required.

Prepare any necessary order variation summaries, obtain approval and issue amendments to orders.

Progress and expedite all supplier drawings, documentation, equipment and material in accordance with approved project procedures.

Check the submittal dates specified in the supplier document index are consistent with the dates detailed in the supplier production schedule.

If necessary, expedite supplier for resolution if any inconsistencies are discovered.

Issue Expediting Requests and maintain liaison as necessary with the Expediting group for the external expediting of Suppliers to achieve deliveries in accordance with project requirements.

Liaise with the Inspection group or other inspection organisation to obtain inspection of equipment and materials

Release materials for shipment.  Liaise as necessary with the Shipping Group to obtain delivery of all equipment and materials.

Purchase order documentation checks:

  1. The Supplier’s production schedule is checked for compliance with purchase order. Review Supplier’s production schedule with Discipline Engineer and/or Project Manager and other procurement disciplines (i.e. Inspection and Shipping) to ensure production steps are correct and achievable.
  2. All necessary suborders are obtained, checked to ensure that relevant standards are included, correct materials have been ordered and inspection requirements have been specified.

iii.        A continuing order management process is maintained until all Suppliers’ final documents are received and accepted.

Expedite engineering and document control to ensure supplier documentation is returned to the supplier within the time periods stipulated in the purchase order.

Operate the spare parts procedure and in particular check that:

  1. Quotations are submitted on the correct forms and with all required supporting information.
  2. Quotations are transmitted through the person responsible for spare parts coordination for all necessary approvals.

iii.        Orders for spare parts that are to be issued are placed on the basis of the approved recommended spare parts lists, and are expedited, inspected and released for shipment as applicable.

Recommend to the Project Manager any necessary visits to Suppliers to apply pressure to maintain or improve performance.

Visit Suppliers’ works if instructed.

Ensure the correct finalisation of orders in accordance with project procurement execution plan.

Assist in the settlement of back charges and discrepancies when requested by authorised construction personnel or Project Manager.


Hourly Rate: €50 to €55 per hour for the right candidate

For further information or to apply in strictest confidence please contact:  Tom Doyle at kppm, P: 0868205038.

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