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Country: Ireland Location: Cork
Job Category: Construction, Process, Pharma Life Science, Salary Range: €Negotiable

Job Description

PIM: Project Information Lead for a Bio-pharmaceutical Manufacturing  facility large expansion project in South Cork (approximately 180 Systems Including main bioreactors  and associated primary recovery and downstream purification, supported by media makeup, buffer hold, HVAC, Clean Utilities and Grey Utilities. Plant will be fully automated using Foxboro DCS with little use of PLCs.  The Gray Utilities will predominantly be extensions of existing

Requirements The role requires the candidate to have: Demonstrable experience of fulfilling an equivalent role.  Strong project management skills with the ability to organize and manage people.   Excellent communication skills.  A strong understanding of PIM for similarly sized capital projects in a regulatory environment.  A strong understanding of the phases of such a project from design through to handover and audit preparation.  Strong understanding of PIM and C&Q, MPD requirements.  The ability to communicate and coordinate activities in multiple diverse stakeholders.  The ability to manage and influence stakeholders that are not direct reports.  Strong leadership capabilities with the ability to challenge and confront.  A strong understanding of databases function and current tools available

3rd Level relevant qualification and 10 years experience.


Role and Responsibilities:  The PIM Lead role and responsibilities will include:  Manage the document information flows for Project, including:

Continued implementation of the project PIM plan.  Ensure data quality is audited and issues are resolved in a timely fashion.  Deliver metrics to track status of information.  Ensure Change Management is adhered to for data.

Manage the implementation of the PIM work plan including:  Electronic Databases – End user clentNet, GFD Project database,  Endeavour, Project Document Database.  Personnel onboarding and administration associated with the project databases.  Hard Copy Repositories.

Communicate and manage the implementation of the project PIM plan requirements with all necessary parties including:  Project Team,  End Users/System Owners,  EPC firms,  Vendors,  Construction,  Procurement,  C&Q,  Automation,  Maintenance package development (MPD), Manufacturing plant site personnel: Maintenance, Operations, etc.

Implement auditing program to assure data and documentation collection activities are meeting schedule and integrity expectations, including:  Project Team,  EPC firms,  Vendors,   Construction,  C&Q and Automation,  Maintenance package development (MPD),  Manufacturing Plant site personnel: Maintenance, Operations, etc.

The schedule for the project is highly compressed and there are Lean principles being applied to the project as such, the PIM Lead will continuously seek efficiencies in the process while maintaining the integrity of the program.

PIM Objectives: The project relies on a number of stakeholders to: Implement the design,  Project Manage the project,  Monitor and accept the project as the End User System Owners,  Supply equipment,  Supply Instruments,  Manage the Construction,  Manage the Commissioning and Qualification,  Manage the Automation,  Develop the required maintenance packages and Prepare and participate in future Regulatory Audits.

The primary goal of the PIM program Is to ensure the timely delivery of accurate, complete, organized project technical data & documentation to be used by project disciplines. The final goal is to deliver this accurate technical data & documents to the End Users.  In order to accomplish these goals the following objectives need to be defined and implemented:

All information providers and information users on the projects requirements need to be clearly identified. The timing of these deliverables is equally important.

Define the formats of information delivery and required methodologies.

Define information deliverables and related naming conventions, incorporating the needs of end-users.

Identify PIM status, tracking, and metric reporting requirements.

Document information technology tools and applications required to support the PIM effort.

Identify and implement appropriate control strategies and management practices to support and resource these defined objectives.

Document Endeavour user requirements.


PIM Organisation Structure

The project is nearing the end of the design phase and construction is well underway. As such, there is a PIM structure in place with the required workflows and databases up and running.

You will report to the Project Manager and work with MPD Lead and a number of Data base administrates and have 3 x Document controllers reporting to you.

To be effective in delivering and managing quality information for use by the project, the PIM program certain fundamental practices and controls are established on the project. These practices and controls include the following:

Structured Project Change Management process in place concurrent with completion / approval of Basic Design and Revision control process for design specifications, drawings, and other approved documents generated by the project team

Formal transmittal process for submittal of deliverables across organizations


Previous project experiences on this plant have formed the basis for the PIM approach, including:  Continued use of a single, dedicated, web-based database for project data (Endeavour).  Use of Error reporting and consistency checks across project data by Endeavour will ensure a greater level of accuracy in data and doc’s.

Project documents, CCL’s, RV’s, Wet Loop’s and Functional Checks will be generated out of the Endeavour database, by project personnel. Eliminating the need for synchronization of more than one database during a project.  The Endeavour database will receive verified, accurate data through the project and deliver this to site repositories at TCCC.

Endeavour will allow all project team members to view the most current in progress design data, documents and drawings issued.

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